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Buy a list of Companies using a particular software of your choosing, explore the database we have or have us gather a list for you.

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Some of Our Recently Added Software

Software Companies/Organizations in Data Set * Price Optional Monthly Update Cost (USD)
Image not found Power BI 3550 - 4970 999 50.00
Image not found TensorFlow 1500 - 2100 999 50.00
Image not found Zendesk 1140 - 1590 999 50.00
Image not found Balsamiq 840 - 1170 699 50.00
Image not found Procore 670 - 930 699 50.00
Image not found OpenCV 390 - 550 300 50.00
Image not found Appfolio 350 - 490 300 50.00
Image not found PointClickCare 120 - 170 300 50.00
*Size of Data Set is a Range from a garunteed Minimum to a likely Maximum amount, our data on the software you select will be updated on your purchase so the data set will almost certainly grow in size

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Decide for youself if what we offer may be useful to your organization, enter the name of the software you want data on (Any software, doesn't have to be in our database) and your email and we will send you a sample of what we can collect

What Do We Do!

We offer our clients access to huge amounts of data regarding which companies use which softwares, for a one time fee and a small monthly fee (if they want monthly updates). Just pick a software and you will have continued access to our data about the companies using it.

Custom Data

Is there a software that we don't have but you want information on? Or is there any data you need? Or data related project you need help on? Send us an email!

Full Data Access

Do you want access to our entire database? Send us an email and we can work out the details.